10 Sweet Ways to Savor the Spring Strawberry Onslaught

The buttery pies, sweet ice cream, and jammy jams worth crushing this season.

A stack of rice crispy treats balanced with strawberries
Sunday Bakeshop

They’re here! There’s nothing quite like that first burst of sweet-tart strawberries to welcome spring, right? And by peak season they’re piled high at the farmers’ market, with bakers snapping up the most flavorful and crushable local varieties, and folding them into buttery pies, sweet ice cream, and the jam that toast dreams about all year. Have you eaten enough berries yet this season? Are you quite sure? Here’s how to savor the spring strawberry onslaught.

A pie piled with fresh strawberries
Pie Society

Fresh Strawberry Pie from Pie Society

Award-winning pastry chef Angela Pinkerton likes to pile fresh strawberries into one of her grandma-style pies, starring a flaky butter crust, filled with thick vanilla custard, and a riot of red berries on top.

A small pie with dark purple filling
East Bay Pie Co.

Lavender & Berry Pie from East Bay Pie Co.

Baker buddy duo Rahul Dharod and Bill Holdenstern pour a mix of berries into a dark purple, petite pie. That deep ultraviolet color comes from not just strawberries but also blueberries and blackberries, and these guys never shy from spice, so it’s lilting with ginger and lavender. And it’s six bucks! What a snack.

A stack of rice crispy treats balanced with strawberries
Sunday Bakeshop

Strawberry-Jasmine Crispy from Sunday Bakeshop

Tucked inside the prettiest spring pastry box, prepare to gasp at this cute rice crispy treat. Elaine Lau understands all kids and former kids who used to beg their mom for a box of Pocky in the checkout lane, because she’s crushing the strawberry cookies into the marshmallow mix.

A cross-section of a concha filled with jam
Chris' Conchas

Strawberry-Vanilla Concha from Chris’ Conchas

This pillowy soft concha may seem simple from the outside, with speckles of vanilla bean through the shell. But rip into that tender sourdough crumb, and you’ll discover that Chris has stuffed a stash of roasted strawberries in the center.

Four scones studded with strawberries
Bonjour Bakehouse

Seasonal Scones from Bonjour Bakehouse

His classic scone is already a bestseller, and it’s meltingly tender thanks to both butter and mascarpone cheese. But now Francois Bernaudin is mixing it up and folding in strawberries for spring. They come in a combo box with two classique and two strawberry.

Four doughnuts with pink glaze on a cooling rack
Whack Donuts!

Strawberry Dougnuts from Whack Donuts!

The vegan baked doughnuts always boast that incredibly tender cake crumb, and now Whacko is pouring a pink glaze all over the top, to help seal in that moisture. (This flavor will be available for preorder starting Wednesday, April 20 for pickup the following weekend.)

A pink pint of ice cream

Balsamic-Strawberry Ice Cream from Bi-Rite

The fans scream for this Bi-Rite classic come spring. The creamery ladies roast local strawberries to concentrate the flavor, brighten it with a splash of balsamic vinegar, and churn it all into sweet cream.

Bright red gummies rolled in sugar
Yami Yami

Strawberry & Elderflower Pate de Fruit from Yami Yami

These jewel-toned pate de fruit — aka fancy fruit gummies — have tooth-sinking texture and big jammy flavor, with just a hint of floral. This time of year, Yamina packs them with local strawberries, to the delight of her littlest customers.

A hand holding out a jar of jam
Maison de Monaco

Strawberry Blackcurrant Jam from Maison de Monaco

Coco Guilhem is the French lady who makes the jam for Bouchon and other star bakeries. Following a traditional recipe, she simmers down strawberries in copper pots with a little less sugar, and adds blackcurrant to tease out the natural sweetness. This is the jam that toast dreams about all year.

A bag of granola on a white studio background
Nana Joes Granola

Berry Seeded Blend from Nana Joes Granola

A limited edition granola (it’s very important cereal, okay?), this fan favorite has a short and sweet run in the spring, and kids and grownups alike love it. Michelle Pusateri tosses oats, seeds, and coconut with a mix of berries, inspired by the spring farmers’ market.