9 Sweet and Smoky Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Scintillating sausages, fresh tamales, cute ice cream sandos, and more summer bangers

9 Sweet and Smoky Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July
Fatted Calf

Cue the fireworks: Fourth of July has arrived, which at least means a long weekend, whether you’re headed to the beach or mountain, or simply stoked to eat potato salad in the backyard. But instead of firing up the oven, maybe let the strawberry pie roll to you? Scintillating sausages are easy to toss on the grill, fresh tamales arrive fully cooked and ready to party, chill ice cream sandos are so cute to set on a platter, and you could even let the pros pick out the cool local craft beer. Here are nine sweet and smoky ways to kick back and relax this holiday weekend — and unwind the rest of the summer.

Wine Country–Caliber Sausages from Fatted Calf

If you’re firing up the grill, it’s easy to toss on sausages. No offense to hot dogs, but for a splash of wine country refinement, look no further than the packed case at Fatted Calf. Taylor and Toponia spin pretty herb pinwheels, bacon-and-beer links, and spicy red andouille. You could tuck them into a crusty baguette and top with pickled red cabbage.  

Meaty Muffuletta & Cool Salads from Sandy’s

The muffuletta is a great American sandwich and icon of New Orleans. Peterson does his hometown proud with a tight stack of mortadella, prosciutto, sopressata, provolone, and pickles. If you’d like to set out a cool salad, the slaw gets fresh with herbs and jalapenos. And way easier than peeling and piping deviled eggs, the new pickled egg salad is a delight for dunking potato chips.

Fresh Tortillas & Tamales from Bolita Masa

If a backyard hangout has to include tacos, there’s nothing like warm tortillas, as fragrant as popcorn. Emmanuel grinds heirloom maiz in a rainbow of colors, so you could either buy fresh masa or stacked tortillas. Fold in steak, peppers, or whatever else is already on the grill, or quickly fry up a skillet of chorizo. Or if you’d like to keep it super easy, the tamales come ready to heat and eat, and they’re filled with summer squash, sweet corn, and heirloom beans.

Garden Party Salads from Mrs Miggins British Bakery

Okay, okay, so technically we’re celebrating independence — but let’s face it, the Brits know how to throw a garden party. The pie ladies are lightening up their menu options for summer with several fresh salads, including curried chicken salad, mustardy potato salad, and classic coleslaw.

Grandma-Style Pie from Pie Society

Perhaps no summer barbecue is complete without pie on the table. And you don’t even have to fire up the oven to get a grandma-style pie, courtesy of award-winning pastry chef Angela Pinkerton. Her latest flavor piles in sweet-tart strawberries with just a hint of lavender, and bakes them in a double crust for double the butter.

Plus! If you spend more than $130, you’ll also get a FREE 5-inch sweetie pie from Pie Society! Enter code SHINDIG in checkout, and the offer ends on Tuesday, June 28.

Peak Season Ice Cream from Bi-Rite

The original artisanal ice cream in San Francisco comes in a couple of seasonal flavors the fans wait for all year. The balsamic strawberry jams in flavorful Chandler strawberries from JSM Organics, while the peach cobbler stars storied heirloom peaches from Masumoto. The latter is co-owner Kris Hoogerhyde’s personal favorite.

Adorable Ice Cream Sandos from Drops of Dough

The thing about ice cream sandwiches is you don’t have to slice, scoop, or run inside for spoons. They’re just cute! On their own! Erin stacks several delightful flavors, including classic chocolate chip, cinnamon oatmeal, fudgy brownie, and confetti sprinkles. Arrange on a platter and await the screams.

Legendary Party Flan from What the Flan!

Terely’s mama carried a flan to every barbecue, picnic, and party — and never brought home leftovers. And now the family recipe rocks on, because Terely has flipped it into a generous size for sharing. Enjoy the coconut or lemon custard on its own, or go wild and top with blueberry compote or guava sauce.

Cool Local Craft Beer from Ungrafted

Let a couple of master sommeliers pick out the beer. When they aren’t busy pouring blind tastings, Rebecca and Chris also love recommending local craft brews, hitting a refreshing lager, a malty ale, and a hopped up IPA.

Hungry for more? These are only the highlights — there are so many more summer specials on the site.