9 Talented Local Chefs Pack a Pastry Box for Abortion Rights

“My box, my choice.” Mackbox, Atelier PQ, and friends are selling cookies for a cause.

Three macarons with pretty designs of female reproductive orga
Reproductive System Macarons | Fancy Flavors Bakeshop 

If you’re still angry about the Supreme Court decision from a couple of weeks ago, you’re not alone. And while it’s hardly a fix, if you could use a cookie right now, here’s a crumb of good news. Nine talented local chefs are teaming up to pack a pastry box, and donating 100% of the proceeds to an abortion rights organization. It’s an outrage project led by Mack Estrada of MackBox, together with his dear friend PQ Fung of Atelier PQ, as well as some favorite bakers and new bakers, mostly women. They’ve dubbed this fundraiser “My Box, My Choice.” There are monstrous compost cookies and furikake chex mix involved. And you can preorder now for pickup on Friday, July 15, exclusively through Pastel.  

Mack raising a middle finger covered in chocolate

"When I first heard the ruling, my initial reaction was, ‘What the fuck,’” Estrada says. “I was so angry and confused why, in this day and age, this is still happening.” Acknowledging that criminalized and restricted abortion access will endanger the lives of anyone who can get pregnant, including young girls, trans men, and non-binary people, Estrada says the threats to reproductive rights, “made me think about all of the wonderful women in my life and how this directly affects them.” Estrada has always named his cakes after women, such as the Carmelita halo halo cake named after his grandmother. And now he’s trying to channel that influence — and anger — into something positive, in hopes of raising a modest amount of money and enough awareness to keep people talking.

The box features nine bakers and 10 treats: MackBox has mini mochi muffins in ube and pandan, as well as a crushable furikake chex mix. Atelier PQ comes through with a strawberry cookie rich in brown butter and white chocolate. Fancy Flavors has a cute macaron trio, including Fruity Pebbles. Pastel fans will recognize a few faves: Formosa’s chocolate bonbons, Elaine Lau’s mini corn-cheese croissant, and Petite LaFleur’s snackable salted honeycomb. And spot a few exciting newcomers: Kapwa Baking Co.’s Filipino-flavored cookies, Fillmore Bakeshop’s little amaretti, and DKMV’s compost cookies that crunch up other cookies. Check out the full menu, below.

The “My Box, My Choice” pastry box costs $75, and one hundred percent of sales will go to the National Network of Abortion Funds, an organization which helps women figure out the logistics and finances to get abortions, no matter where they live across the country. Pastel will also be donating all fees, so for every box sold, $90 total will go to the cause. And if you use the code MYCHOICE at checkout, those credits will be added, as well.  

The “My Box, My Choice” pastry box fundraiser is available for preorder for neighborhood pickup on Friday, July 15.