12 Sweet Ways to Treat Mom This Mother’s Day

The queen in your life deserves some kouign amann, or a dozen other decadent ideas.

A full spread of bagels, cream cheese, lox
Boichik Bagels

Moms really deliver, right? They make life-saving coffee and breakfasts, pack rad lunches and snacks, and get dinner on the table. So this Mother’s Day, instead of rushing to a reservation or running around for flowers, why not let her favorite treats come to her? Such as the finest kouign amann in all the land, chewy bagels and luxurious lox in bed, dim sum brunch spreads, and sweet conchas and cafe — plus wine for popping. Here’s how to treat a mom like a queen this Mother’s Day. (And that definitely includes grandmas, maternal figures, cool co-parents, and dog moms, too.)

Kouign amann on a board with crumbs
b. patisserie

Mixed Kouign Amann from b. patisserie

If your mama lives for buttery layers and explosive crumbs, that queen deserves the finest kouign amann in all the land. Star pastry chef Belinda Leong packs her award-winning pastries in half a dozen assorted flavors, from gooey chocolate to fruity jams.

Bagels topped with salmon, whitefish, tomatoes, and cucumbers
Boichik Bagels

Everything Bagels & Nova Lox from Boichik Bagels

Bagels and lox in bed are as easy as pushing a toaster button — how could a dad mess that up? (Don’t answer that.) And Emily Winston from Boichik tricks them out with all the toppings, so you can snag the wildly popular NYC-style bagels, whipped cream cheese, and luxurious lox, too. Don’t forget a jar of everything spice if your mom sprinkles it on everything.

Cinnamon rolls topped with coffee and chocolate frostings
Astranda Bakery

Chocolate & Coffee Cinnamon Rolls from Astranda Bakery

Pastry delivery dad Eric Chow crafts pillowy buns, drenched in a coffee glaze, and topped with a cream cheese frosting. The great debate rages on as to whether the coffee or chocolate frosting is superior — but if the mom in your life sips mocha lattes, definitely go for the mix pack so she can swirl both flavors.

French toast on a plate with a mug of coffee
Saltwater Bakeshop

Seasonal French Toast from Saltwater Bakeshop  

Did you know that you can feast on French toast without ever cracking an egg or touching a pan?! These are the facts: Brittany Dunn takes a thick slice of croissant toast and tops it with seasonal fruit from the farmers’ market and avalanche of sweet and chewy toppings.

A cross section of a panettone studded with chocolate
From Roy

Chocolate Panettone From Roy

Oh, your mom is a little bit extra? The most outrageous, over-the-top option would have to be the panettone by Roy. He’s treating moms to chocolate two ways: either a classic chocolate flavor with a citrus twist, or a more exotic banana option with hunks of caramel and chocolate.  

A closeup of dumplings lined up
Dumpling Club

Dim sum brunch from Dumpling Club

For a dim sum–style spread, stock up on the latest creations from the coolest club. Full-time dumpling mom Cathay Bi serves fresh and unexpected flavors, so you can rack up brunch with pork, shrimp, and cilantro dumplings; bok choy and shiitake bao; and scallion pancakes.

Conchas and other Mexican pastries on a plate

Conchas and more from Norte54

Would your mama love a sweet concha with her cafe? Baker and mom-of-four Raquel Goldman drops off a different pastry box every weekend, filled with her nostalgic Mexican pastries, always including one of her butter-rich conchas, and treats like cookies and granola.  

A chocolate cake with "happy mother's day" written on top in gold

Milk Chocolate & Lavender Exposé Cake from Butter&

To make it a special occasion, elegant moms might appreciate a modern and minimalist cake from Butter&. Pastry chef and dog dad Daniel Saravia crafted this new flavor with matriarchs in mind, featuring smooth milk chocolate ganache with a lift of lavender, and a golden sprig design laid down on top.

A bag of coffee with a modern black-and-white label
Hedge Coffee

Present Simple Espresso from Hedge Coffee

For some severely sleep-deprived mothers, nothing says “I love you” quite so much as handing them a hot beverage. And the coffee cart crew from Hedge pours it like they mean it, with this espresso blend that hits notes of caramel, berries, and milk chocolate.

A hand holding out a can of chai
Sinwise Farms

Masala Chai from Sinwise Farms

For moms that take tea, warm her belly with this spiced chai. Joshua Chemparathy steeps it full of cardamom grown on his family’s farm in Kerala. To him, good chai tastes like slowing down and sitting down with family and friends, and letting the sips fill the spaces in the conversation.  

Hands holding out two bottles of sparkling wine

Somm-Curated Wines from Ungrafted

Master somms and busy parents Rebecca Fineman and Chris Gaither are wrangling two kids and a wine shop, so you better believe they’ve got the bottles to celebrate busy parents. Let them pick out the perfect pack of whites or reds, and the surprise is half the fun.

Letterpress cards from Sherry’s Palette

Slide in a sweet card for the finishing touch. Sherry Lam grew up in a Chinese American restaurant family, and captures the sentiment for moms who love food; whether “It’s your day” illustrated with coffee in bed; or the ultimate mom catchphrase “Did you eat yet?”

Baker's Dozen Bonus: Gift Card from Pastel

For the picky mom who can never decide what she wants on the menu, maybe you better leave the big decision to her? The safest bet is always a gift card! And they're currently 20% off, if you want to snag one now, and let her pick out her own treats.

Hungry for more? These are only the highlights — there are so many more delicious ways to treat moms on the site.