💜 Pausing Service + Future Plans

💜 Pausing Service + Future Plans

Hi everyone,

It was an incredibly hard decision to make, but at the end of this month we’ll pause operations on Pastel’s marketplace and focus full-time on building software for local makers. Our last day of service will be Fri, Sept 30 to give our makers and our team a little extra time to transition. If you want to support them, we encourage you to keep shopping and stock up on all your favorite dishes. Now’s a great time to spend down those gift cards and credits.

Our goal has always been to help you access and support small businesses around the Bay Area, and we’re excited to keep doing that in a new way: by building tools and partnerships that make it easier and more delightful to support local makers. I know from running my own business Butter& how lackluster the tools that makers use to run and grow their businesses are, and I'm determined to make them better. We also hope to bring the marketplace back in some fashion, whether through a partnership or otherwise, but nothing’s set here quite yet.

Pastel could not have come this far without you, so thank you for being here. So many of you took a chance on us in the early days, told your friends about us, and got so excited about our makers that you took down our website quite a few times. You met us in parking lots at vans full of treats and played it cool, and it was so much fun meeting you and hearing your stories, too.

In true Pastel fashion, we’re winding down gracefully so everyone can transition into the next chapter. Our operations, partnerships, and marketing teams will be paid for their work through the end of the month and will be given 4 weeks of severance after that, with 2 additional months of health care benefits. We’ll also be doing career coaching each week, to help them transition into their next roles. If you or anyone you know is looking for amazing operations, marketing, or product roles, please reach out! You can find our talent directory here.

Thank you for being a part of the Pastel community, and for doing business a better way with us. 💜

Co-Founder & CEO 🌱

PS: Some quick housekeeping. After the last day of service, we’ll refund back any unused gift cards. Tomorrow, we’ll also end all Pastel memberships and issue a pro-rated refund. We're pausing Tuesday service so that we can focus on career coaching with the team. Just reach out if you have any other questions.