10 Delicious Ways to Nerd Out This Pi Day

All of the sweet, savory, and buttery pies to feast on this spring

A table filled with sweet potato pie, a slice of pie, plates, and forks
Eastside Sweet Potato Pie | Het Say

Better push up those glasses and dust off your pocket protector. Pi Day arrives once again on 3.14, otherwise known as Monday, March 14. The high geek holiday celebrates the mathematical constant, but whether or not you struggled to stay awake in geometry, it’s also an opportunity to feast on your favorite pie, chicken pot pie, or even pepperoni pizza, which objectively is still pie. It might seem silly, but small local bakeries look forward to this holiday, which is right up there with Thanksgiving for sales. Many put out special menu items, and there happens to be an influx of new makers on Pastel, from proper Cornish pasties to bite-size Brazilian empadas.

So if you’re excited to nerd out this month, or at least want an excuse to eat circular pastries, here’s how to feast on sweet and savory pie this Pi Day.

A pie topped with whipped cream and passionfruit seeds
Passionfruit-Lime Icebox Pie | Edith's Pie

Passionfruit-Lime Icebox Pie from Edith’s Pie

One of Oakland’s coolest pop-ups just joined Pastel, so you don’t have to drive across town or the bridge to get the good pie. Mike Raskin is a former savory chef, and even his sweet pies are balanced with a big squeeze of citrus and pinch of salt. The old-fashioned icebox pie pours sunny passionfruit curd into a nicely toasted and salted graham cracker crust.

A board with thick slices of matcha cream pie
Matcha Cream Pie | Stonemill Matcha

Matcha Cream Pie from Stonemill Matcha

It’s a local gem, right? Stepping inside Stonemill Matcha is always like putting on glasses to enter the Emerald City, where most of the pastry case has been tinted with green tea. But even if you don’t feel like finding parking in the Mission, a bright green slice of matcha cream pie keeps shining on the other side, with its earthy-sweet custard and flaky crust.

A table filled with sweet potato pie, a slice of pie, plates, and forks
Eastside Sweet Potato Pie | Het Say

Eastside Sweet Potato Pie from Het Say

Duy An and Hiếu may be known best for their comforting Vietnamese curries and sausages, but don’t sleep on the sweets. They’ve got a sweet potato pie with flecks of skins for extra earthy flavor and texture, with toasted coconut flakes and black diamond salt for sprinkling over the top.

A cross section of a chocolate pie
Mud Pie | Pie Society

Mud Pie from Pie Society

Award-winning pastry chef Angela Pinkerton has got a new pie special for March, and this one looks like a chocolate bomb. Her new mud pie stars a grandma-style graham cracker crust, chocolate hazelnut brownie base, chocolate pudding center, and coffee whipped cream topping.

A Parisian flan sitting on the counter at the bakery
Parisian Flan | Arsicault

Parisian Flan from Arsicault

The Bay Area is home to many egg tarts, from Chinese dan tat to Portuguese pasteis de nata, but leave it to Paris to make it luxurious. Third-generation baker Armando Lacayo is serving a Parisian flan that’s extra deep, thick with custard, flecked with vanilla bean, and torched on top.

A fork digging into a little pie on a plate
Chicken Tikka Masala Pie | East Bay Pie Co.

Chicken Tikka Masala Pie from East Bay Pie Co

In buttery baby pies, have you tried East Bay Pie Co. yet? It’s an under-the-radar bakery from a couple of buddies in Berkeley, and though the pies are little, they’re rich. Co-founder Rahul Dharod is originally from Bombay, and in particular, the chicken tikka masala is a saucy standout.

A hand holding a Cornish pasty in front of a green field
Cornish Pasty | Mrs Miggins British Bakery

Cornish Pasty from Mrs Miggins British Bakery

The Brits do love their pie, especially of the savory and sausage-stuffed persuasion. And thanks to the new Mrs Miggins, at long last, you can get a proper Cornish pasty across the Bay Area, featuring a sturdy shortcrust, crimped around gravy-doused steak, potato, and rutabaga.

A tray filled with mini pies
Empadas Box | Cafe de Casa

Empadas Box from Cafe de Casa

These Brazilian empadas are one bite, maybe two at the most, but thankfully, they come in boxes by the dozen. The Canedo family is stuffing them with your choice of chicken, shrimp, or hearts of palm, ranging from a tender stew studded with briny olives to a cheesy veggie option.

A close up of the pastry details on a pithivier
Duck Pithivier | Maison Nico

Duck Pithivier from Maison Nico

In fancy French duck pies, Nico’s pithivier is truly stunning. It’s a pleasure dome of puff pastry, with delicate etchings and scalloped edges, and packed with a triple combo of duck breast, leg, and liver. If you’ve been waiting for a special occasion to take the splurge, perhaps Pi Day is the day.

A closeup of a pizza topped with mushrooms
Funghi Pizza | Pizzeria Delfina

Funghi Pizza from Pizzeria Delfina

But never forget, pizza is pie, too. And what better way to not have to cook dinner on Monday night than a trusty pie from Pizzeria Delfina. The Cal-Italian institution has several different flavors, including the fan favorite funghi, loaded with frilly Hen of the Woods mushrooms and gooey panna and fontina cheeses.

Hungry for more? These are only the highlights there are so many more pies to peruse on the site.