10 Festive Ways to Feast This St Patrick’s Day

Get lucky with corned beef brisket, good craft beer, and a array of green cookies

Three types of cookies with shamrocks and green sprinkles
Assorted cookies | Bonjour Bakehouse

St Patrick’s Day roars back around on Thursday, March 17, historically celebrating the patron saint of Ireland, although for Irish immigrants and their descendants in the Bay Area, the holiday may have devolved into a looser excuse to wear green and drink beer. Possibly more than any other holiday, St Patrick’s Day has been subdued these past couple of pandemic years, given that it was only a few days into the full lockdown in 2020, and San Francisco was still stuck in the red tier in 2021. Luckily for 2022, we’re now solidly in the green — if we still had color tiers — and local pubs and bakeries are looking forward to the festivities.  

If you like to get cozy at home, small and local food makers are serving up succulent corned beef brisket and somm-approved craft beer, as well as an array of green treats flavored with mint, matcha, and even pandan. Here are 10 fun ways to feast this St Paddy’s Day, and raise a glass (or glitter green sugar cookie) of cheer.

A brined brisket sitting on a cutting board
Corned Beef | Fatted Calf

Corned Beef from Fatted Calf

If you specifically crave the traditional and requisite corned beef, look no further than the fabulously fatty brisket from Fatted Calf. The wine country butchers take care of the brining, so you can let it braise until buttery and tender enough to shake apart with a fork. Too impatient? They’re also selling bangers and sausages that crisp up quickly in a hot skillet. Either way, round it out with your own mashed potatoes and sautéed cabbage.

A pie crust filled with chicken stew
Chicken Pot Pie | Pie Society

Chicken Pot Pie from Pie Society

Another pub favorite is a savory pie, piping hot with a gravy-rich chicken stew. And award-winning pastry chef Angela Pinkerton has got a chicken pot pie with flaky pastry on the bottom and fluffy scallion biscuits to take it over the top. And if you’re hungry for more pie options, click right this way.  

Chris’s 3-Beer Selection from Ungrafted

Wash it all down with a sudsy beer. No offense to Guinness, but the master sommeliers at Ungrafted also really know their craft beer. Every week, Chris Gaither picks out a trio of his personal favorite brews, hitting a fresh and light lager or pilsner, a rich and malty ale, and a hopped up IPA.

Beer Tart from Tarts de Feybesse

The beer tart was one of the first viral sensations that brought Tarts de Feybesse to Instagram fame, as featured in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2016. It’s got a super creamy custard, poured into semolina crust for a little extra crunch, and scattered with purple rosemary flowers.

Assorted green pastries and popcorn
"Seeing Green" Box | Sunday Bakeshop

“Seeing Green” Box from Sunday Bakeshop

Sunday Bakeshop is slinging its popular pastry boxes filled with Asian American nostalgia. Swapping out fresh flavors for spring, they’re going all green, including a matcha pineapple bun, matcha–White Rabbit cookie, and salted pandan caramel popcorn.

Three types of cookies stacked on a plate
St Patrick's Day Box | Bonjour Bakehouse

St Patrick’s Day Box from Bonjour Bakehouse

For good cookies, trust in the cookie dad himself Francois Bernaudin, formerly of Doughbies (remember Doughbies, the techie favorite?!). For the holiday, he’s rolling out assorted boxes of cookies, including shamrock shortbread and sugar cookies rolled in glittery green sprinkles.

Hands breaking open a chocolate chip cookie
Mint Chocolate Chip Pudge | batch 22 bakery

Wait, but if you’re into extra thick pudge cookies, then batch 22 might be your style. Cottage baker Amy Wong is getting extra minty fresh, debuting a new mint chocolate chip cookie that screams ice cream nostalgia, as well as an earthy matcha white chocolate and zippy key lime.

Green macarons scattered with green beads and oreo cookies
St Patrick's Day Assorted Macarons | Colette Macaron

St Patrick’s Day Assorted Macarons from Colette Macaron

Okay, but if you want the cutest cookies, how about some macarons from a former graphic designer? Anita Lee always has the most adorable macarons, and for the holiday they come tinted in three shades of green, some shaped like shamrocks and speckled with gold, and flavored like Bailey’s Irish Cream and Girl Scout Thin Mints.

Irish Coffee Exposé | Butter&

Irish Coffee Exposé Cake from Butter&

If the occasion deserves a stunning cake, the seasonal special from our teammates at our sister company Butter& has all the class of a smooth whiskey cocktail. They’re stacking coffee buttercream and vanilla cake layers infused with Jameson, inspired by the iconic Irish coffee at the Buena Vista.  

A pint of ice cream with a hot pink label
Boozy Irish Ice Cream | Bi-Rite

Boozy Irish Ice Cream from Bi-Rite

And apparently the ice cream artisans at Bi-Rite are also into boozy desserts. They’re pouring Irish cream liqueur and breaking up hunks of sour cream chocolate cake into this pint of ice cream.